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Music Sampler for Rice Games

•NEW• Julian's Bonus:

    Track 1, with Baroque Orchestral Vibe

    Tracks 2&3 with real Symphony Orchestra

    Track 4, Real Chorus, Real & Syn Orchestra

•NEW• You may be interested in seeing some mostly Asian instruments I'm considering for a live concert performance in March 2019.


The instrumentation will be 21 live players, including 4 percussionists, a Chinese bass vocalist, and an additional 50+ tracks of pre-record that I am creating: Sfx, textures, rhythmic loops, additional instruments.


I was contracted to compose this piece by the orchestra contractor for the Legend of Zelda touring show and many other similar productions. He is putting together the ensemble

Percussion & a couple synths

Percussion & a couple synths

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Original Music Portfolio for Rice Games

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