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Eternity Dwells

(between the Mirage and Casino Royale)

2019 Performance

A piece for 20 instrumental musicians, bass opera singer, and 40 tracks of sound design & additional instrumentation, all synchronized via timecode and click track.   Commissioned for the 100th Anniversary of the Capital University Conservatory of Music

Notes from Mat about the composition:

“Eternity Dwells ( between the Mirage and Casino Royale ), is an
impression of the atmospheric ambience and moments surrounding an
event of which I have no memory, and cannot describe, but which remains
as the most profound personal experience I have ever had.

The location was on Las Vegas Boulevard at 9:40 pm on a Friday.

Imagine being jostled and engaged by an endless surging sea of party people, while streetwalking drinkers, a pounding eight-lane traffic jam, relentless
noise, a darting rat, and the Propeller Man complete the LED-lighted
nighttime scene–with a pending volcano eruption.

And then time stops.  For ten full minutes...
That’s all I saw and heard, nothing more, yet what came from this will stay with me forever and beyond.

Here are a couple pages from the conductor's score, which shows all the live instruments. Each instrument is on its own line.

Conductor p5.png
Conductor p13.png


Flute - Maria Renzetti

Oboe- Josh Harkins

Clarinet- Gail Zugger

F Horn- Kimberly McCann

Trumpet 1-Rob Parton

Trumpet 2- Tim Perdue

Trombone- Ryan Hamilton

Bass Trombone- Tom Zugger

Tenor Sax- Michael Cox

Baritone Sax- Alex Burgoyne

Cello- Joe Mueller, Philip Baltzer, Sophia Petrov, Emma Humphrey

Vocal-Brian Banion

Guitar-Stan Smith

Fender Rhodes-Tony Bonardi

Drum Set/Percussion 1-Bob Breithaupt

Percussion 2-Phil Shipley

Percussion 3-Eric Paton

Percussion 4-Drew Martin


Audio Tech Director-Chad Loughrige

Live Recording- Bruce Gigax, Audio Recording Studio

Video- Nate Lockwood, Lockwood Studios

Master Switch Operator- Mat Morse

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