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Music Soundtrack for the Christmas Display: 

A playlist of holiday songs chosen by the event host, expertly edited, with the option of adding custom music & sound design elements.

• Under the direction of the event host, songs will be seamlessly edited for length or form, insuring an elegant flow, always in service to the music and visual needs.  Avoiding mismatched edits, cutting on an awkward beat, or dead space between songs.

Options can include: 

Imagine opening the show with a musical flourish, or short overture, created just for this event.  With a voiceover (recorded earlier) by the evening's host, personally welcoming the invited guests.  This overture will build directly into the first song selection.

• The evening's music playlist, selected by the host, can have newly composed music & sound design transitional interludes. This will make for a truly custom soundtrack, providing the emotional foundation for the light show. 

• The new sonic elements will delight guests, painting the picture with sound, and creating ample opportunities for the visual team to articulate the music and sound design with creative lighting, lasers, and visual effects.  Original sounds and music, heard only at this event, on this night. 


• It's true that sound helps you notice and enjoy the visuals – or as George Lucas says: "Sound is half the picture."

• On a technical note, all commercial songs are not created equal, so we will make the soundtrack a unified polished presentation, with volume level matching, mastering, EQ, compression, etc.  Bringing all the professional production techniques to the project.


We supply the visual team with correctly formatted audio files, easy for them to manipulate.

What exactly are "Interludes?"

Click on the video below, and walk through an example.  Interludes can vary widely in energy and tone.  They can create a little impressionistic story, or simply a short transition to the next song.  Timing can be any duration, from 2 seconds to 10 minutes.  The choice of songs on either side of the Interlude is key in determining what the transition will be.

Some other music examples

We create music in many styles, from gentle orchestral music to contemporary dance beats and rocking crowd pleasers.  Below are a just a few holiday music excerpts we have produced for albums and TV commercials. 


But there's more:

To hear a broader range of our music, watch videos, and see a Bio, click on the menu at the top of this page.

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